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Defeat Me - (feat. Becca)

#DefeatMe (feat. Becca) - My first release with Spinnup. Very excited to see how this goes down!

Soon to be available on iTunes - Spotify - Google Play and many more!


Been a while since I have posted on here. Currently keeping myself busy working on the Final Major Project and Final Major Performance for my degree. In the mean time keeping track on my album Free Reign and also working on rapper Joizes album Broken Record who is also featuring on my album. Hope you are all doing well and having a good new year!


Really excited to announce I am releasing my own album FR3E REIGN. Can't wait release it!


Exciting times. I now feature on the RNCM website on the "Student Stories" page. If you fancy a read and seeing what I have been up to take a look here!…/w…/student-stories/pete-bill-ba-kit/

Busy Times

Life has got very hectic since I got back to RNCM for my final year. I will be releasing a new video soon for you guys but so many projects and deadlines have happened all at once that things have got a little busy (Including my first tech gig AND corporate gig on percussion with UTC). However, coming soon I have a very cool video coming of my recent work with Bearded Fellows and also some work I did with my cousin which will be announced soon. Very cool stuff! Also back into the studio with Sam Caldwell in the next two weeks and LOTS of gigs with UTC. All good stuff. If you want to see more about UTC Events, my cousins work (he is a graphic designer currently working with Burberry), and Bearded Fellows take a look at the links below.


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