So it is official. I HAVE GRADUATED FROM THE RNCM!!!! It has been a long three years but the knowledge I have gained, the experience, and most of all, the people I have met and gotten to work with have been worth it. It has been a pleasure to work and to get to know you all, students and teachers alike. Now on to the real world I guess! Many thanks to my friends and family who have helped and supported me through the last three years and I hope I have made you all proud.

Also, massive thanks to my band who performed for my final major project which in my case was an album launch. You were all incredible and sounded mint. Best band in 3 years by far! And quite a few people who I had never met loved the set and kept coming to me afterwards to congratulate us all... Including bar staff who kept coming downstairs to watch! I look forward to many more gigs with you! And thanks to everyone who showed up to the gig! It was a good night and had some great acts so I hope you all enjoyed yourself.

Finally, as previously stated my FMP was my album launch... And my album has been released on iTunes Spotify and TIDAL through Spinnup Free Reign by Pete Bill. Soon to be available on Apple too.

For those of you who missed the gig though here is a video of our closing number on the stage. A live version of Tough Love. Hope you guys enjoy it!

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