I am very happy to announce that as of July I am leaving the UK to work in QATAR for the next six months of my life with the band The Explosions​. EXCITED ISN'T THE WORD! After much thought and consideration I signed the contract in the early hours of this morning confirming the gig in QATAR. I cannot wait to start this new adventure and get to work with Tom Knight​ Danielle Carruthers​ Sean Greene​ and Lucky Singh​.

This does also mean that my Vlog series "Life As A Musician" has taken a new turn (furthering on from my video "Options") and will be cataloging my experiences and responsibilities I will face as a working musician over there! So if you yourself are looking into becoming a full time working musician and want to learn more about the music industry please subscribe to my youtube channel and keep your eye out for more videos in Qatar.

Finally, yes I do realise that my video looks like a charity advert asking you to donate £2 for lost puppies. I was the smart guy that wore black with a black background hence black and white... but you get the point aha.

Special thanks to Tom Knight and Hear and Now Entertainment​ for this opportunity! And to Mikey Reed​ who advised me to get involved in this line of work. I better go get learning the 300 song set list then! :P


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