Really excited to announce I am releasing my own album FR3E REIGN. Can't wait release it!


Exciting times. I now feature on the RNCM website on the "Student Stories" page. If you fancy a read and seeing what I have been up to take a look here!…/w…/student-stories/pete-bill-ba-kit/

Busy Times

Life has got very hectic since I got back to RNCM for my final year. I will be releasing a new video soon for you guys but so many projects and deadlines have happened all at once that things have got a little busy (Including my first tech gig AND corporate gig on percussion with UTC). However, coming soon I have a very cool video coming of my recent work with Bearded Fellows and also some work I did with my cousin which will be announced soon. Very cool stuff! Also back into the studio with Sam Caldwell in the next two weeks and LOTS of gigs with UTC. All good stuff. If you want to see more about UTC Events, my cousins work (he is a graphic designer currently working with Burberry), and Bearded Fellows take a look at the links below.

Zildjian Cymbals and Vic Firth

Pretty cool few days. I have a had a few gigs this past couple of weeks with a group called UTC (Under The Covers). Really good time playing with them! However, I recently got followed and tweeted by Vic Firth and also Zildjian have shared my photo from my last gig with UTC on their Instagram account which is now up to nearly 3500 likes. Big fan of both Zildjian and Vic Firth products and it would be so cool to represent them as an artist. However in the meantime, keep rocking the kit and thanks for the follow and shares guys! #drumsforlife #myzildjian #myperfectpair #vicfirth #zildjian

Rudimental - Nile Rodgers - Go Think Big

INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY: With Nile Rodgers Rudimental and GoThinkBig with remixing La Freak I have applied for this and I realllllllyyyyyyyyyyy hope I get selected. This is just such a good opportunity. However in the meantime I have done a cover of ‪#‎Rudimental‬ ‪#‎Powerless‬ feat. Becky Hill. Enjoy guys
‪#‎GTBFreaks‬ ‪#‎lafreak‬ ‪#‎nilerodgers‬ ‪#‎gothinkbig‬ #powerless ‪#‎drumcover‬

More Exciting News!

Nile Rodgers has teamed up with Rudimental and Go Think Big to provide an opportunity for some people to help remix his very famous song Le Freak - Chic. I LOVE NILE RODGERS. I think he is such a dude and it would be an honour and a privilege to work along side him on this track. I have applied to see if I can get a position as a musician but to be honest I will be happy to be tea boy and run drink errands as long as I am there, but we shall wait and see. Regardless wether I get selected or not I have done a cover of Le Freak for your enjoyment. Enjoy guys!


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