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Update! I have moved to LONDON!

Ok, so it has been a while since my last blog post. Definitely need to work on my website a little more in regard to keeping you up to date with what I'm up to but as you all know; life sometimes gets in the way. After the Middle East I have since been on the Sapphire Princess cruise ship with Princess Cruises in the Orchestra band playing Jazz, Theatre charts, Dance Sets, and working again in the Theatre for Guest Entertainers sight reading whatever charts they may have with them. One act I had the pleasure to work with was David DiMuzio, a YouTube sensation who has over 60 million YouTube views!! Lovely guy and a great performer.

My job on the ship was in the orchestra, as previously mentioned, where I worked alongside the cast in the theatre, playing jazz and dance sets. I also joined guest entertainer Laurier Lachance in my spare time, another YouTube sensation who does an AWESOME cover of Rap God by Eminem, and performed in his set playing the Cajon until the end of the evening. He is a great bloke and it was a pleasure to get to know and work along side him.

However, that contract has finished and now I have relocated to London to pursue a career in pop music as a session drummer. It's going to be a long road and a lot of work, but I have a goal and I have no excuse not to reach it.

To conclude this short update, I shall eventually get around to posting a vlog on YouTube explaining what I experienced on the ship and what to expect, should you want to pursue a career to work as a musician in the orchestra on a cruise ship.

My Next Adventure | QATAR

I am very happy to announce that as of July I am leaving the UK to work in QATAR for the next six months of my life with the band The Explosions​. EXCITED ISN'T THE WORD! After much thought and consideration I signed the contract in the early hours of this morning confirming the gig in QATAR. I cannot wait to start this new adventure and get to work with Tom Knight​ Danielle Carruthers​ Sean Greene​ and Lucky Singh​.

This does also mean that my Vlog series "Life As A Musician" has taken a new turn (furthering on from my video "Options") and will be cataloging my experiences and responsibilities I will face as a working musician over there! So if you yourself are looking into becoming a full time working musician and want to learn more about the music industry please subscribe to my youtube channel and keep your eye out for more videos in Qatar.

Finally, yes I do realise that my video looks like a charity advert asking you to donate £2 for lost puppies. I was the smart guy that wore black with a black background hence black and white... but you get the point aha.

Special thanks to Tom Knight and Hear and Now Entertainment​ for this opportunity! And to Mikey Reed​ who advised me to get involved in this line of work. I better go get learning the 300 song set list then! :P

Happy New Year - First Post Of 2016 - Cinderella

It has been a while since I last did a post on my website! Certainly gonna have to try to be more consistent! However, I have just finished working away for the last two months as the session drummer for the Pantomime “Cinderella” in South Yorkshire. Great fun working with some really talented people! The band were exceptional and it was a great pleasure to work with Will Rogers on guitar and also my MD Will Henshall who was just incredible! Alongside them I also got to work with Maureen Nolan (The Nolan Sisters). After growing up hearing her music being played throughout my lifetime I did not expect that one day I would actually play her music with her! It has been the best two months working with a cast that were practically family. I’ve made some great friends and made memories that I shall not forget!

Fusion Festival - Birmingham

Cracking weekend! Spent the day just hanging out with the presenters of Capital FM, Clean Bandit, Rudimental, Labrinth, Sigma, Ella Henderson and many others back stage! It was an absolute pleasure to see how this side of the industry works behind the scenes, and it is now very apparent that I want every single drummers job on that stage!

It was so cool! I cannot wait for an opportunity like that to arise for myself to get working with the current artists of the day. That is my goal!

At the weekend I got to meet up with Labrinths drummer Jason Condison, was cool to meet up with him and see how he is enjoying the stage with Labrinth. Also, I got to meet up with Sigmas drummer Paul Jones, who was the guy who kindly invited me to the event and backstage at the Fusion Festival. Really nice guy and certainly knows his stuff (he was the drummer for Labrinth before Jason, see his website here: Such an inspiration! And as an added bonus my dad got to hobnob with the celebs too as he did saw quick sketches back stage, nobody was expecting that and the drawings were very well received!


So it is official. I HAVE GRADUATED FROM THE RNCM!!!! It has been a long three years but the knowledge I have gained, the experience, and most of all, the people I have met and gotten to work with have been worth it. It has been a pleasure to work and to get to know you all, students and teachers alike. Now on to the real world I guess! Many thanks to my friends and family who have helped and supported me through the last three years and I hope I have made you all proud.

Also, massive thanks to my band who performed for my final major project which in my case was an album launch. You were all incredible and sounded mint. Best band in 3 years by far! And quite a few people who I had never met loved the set and kept coming to me afterwards to congratulate us all... Including bar staff who kept coming downstairs to watch! I look forward to many more gigs with you! And thanks to everyone who showed up to the gig! It was a good night and had some great acts so I hope you all enjoyed yourself.

Finally, as previously stated my FMP was my album launch... And my album has been released on iTunes Spotify and TIDAL through Spinnup Free Reign by Pete Bill. Soon to be available on Apple too.

For those of you who missed the gig though here is a video of our closing number on the stage. A live version of Tough Love. Hope you guys enjoy it!


I am very happy to announce my first album release #FreeReign is coming out through Spinnup on the 1st of June 2015 and will be available on iTunes, TIDAL,, Spotify, Google Play, and Rhapsody!

Thank you to everyone who has been involved! The musicianship on this album has been amazing and I couldn’t have asked to have worked better bunch of musicians! It has been a pleasure to work with you and onto album number two!

Also, thanks to friends and family who have coached, supported, criticised, and guided through the making of this album.

Mastered by Joseff Lea

Artwork by Rob Norman

Pete Bill - Tough Love (feat. Imogen Storey)

Tough Love is coming soon! Just waiting on the master track back from the studio and then it shall be released through Spinnup. It will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, and very excited to announce it will also be available on the brand new platform TIDAL. So keep your eyes peeled for the next update of the release.

New singles also on their way will be Rumoured feat. Memphis and Swear To God feat. Joize 2.0. Cant wait to release these out to you guys!


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